Opinion Research and Strategy



When stakes are high, guessing is not an option.  We provide data-driven insights that give you confidence in making the right decisions for your business or organization.

Tony Fabrizio and Bob Ward are veteran pollsters and business consultants with a proven track record of providing advice that helps clients navigate their most important issues.

Fabrizio Ward is 100% focused on our clients’ objectives.  Our public affairs clients hire us not for a partisan pedigree, but because we are the best at what we do.


Our clients are local: a transit authority, a small liberal arts college.
Our clients are national: the largest hospital chain, an automotive trade group.
Our clients span the world: a global payments network, a computer and device manufacturer.

The audiences we conduct research among span a wide range, from consumers, to voters, opinion leaders, business partners, market segments, professionals, association members, students, parents, and the list goes on.  Whoever the stakeholders are who are most important to our client, we can construct a method to reach them.

From Montana to Miami, D.C. to Denver. From Brasilia to Berlin, Mexico to Mongolia, and Tokyo to Texas.  We’ve done research every way imaginable.  One month we have interviewers on horseback conducting interviews in the Gobi desert.  The next we are conducting executive interviews with banking executives in the U.S.  We hand-select our field partners that are best suited for the task, whether that is knocking on doors in Crimea after the Russian occupation or coordinating multi-national/multi-lingual online studies.

Even though half of U.S. households no longer have landline phones, we still conduct high-quality telephone polls in the U.S.  Yet each day the opportunity to run surveys online, especially via mobile devices, expands and allows us to test an ever broader array of stimuli across increasingly diverse and targetable audiences, with quicker turnaround and lowe cost than telephone research.

Whatever your issue, we combine original thought with decades of experience and cutting-edge techniques to design, execute, and analyze the right solution for you.  Our research is outstanding, but it is only a tool.  Our value is using the research to get you answers and develop a plan moving forward.

Read the Frontline interview with Tony Fabrizio discussing the 2016 presidential election.

“Fabrizio joined the Trump campaign in May 2016, and is credited with writing an influential internal memo two weeks before Election Day arguing that Trump needed to expand the map by competing more aggressively in Democratic-friendly states.”


Listen to “The Pollsters” podcast with Tony Fabrizio and Joel Beneson at the Harvard IOP Campaign Managers Summit (Nov 2016).