Inside the Beltway

For many businesses, industries and advocacy groups, the opinions of those in the policy making sphere and its circle of influence can matter as much or more than the opinions of the broader marketplace.

In a town where the number of true experts on any given issue are few, but the number of people with opinions on a wide variety of subjects is many, how DC opinion leaders see your company, organization, industry or issue matters.  Do they trust you?  Are they willing to give you the benefit of the doubt?

Too often we hear from lobbyists who, armed with great data and salient messages, are not getting through to policy makers because of stiff reputation headwinds.

Pick up any Capitol Hill oriented publication, and you will see that this observation is not novel.  Indeed millions are spent each month trying to re-position, re-brand, or polish reputations of challenged organizations.

Navigating these waters, like any market, can be difficult without data.  We are continually amazed at how much is spent in DC on image and reputation without benchmarks, measures of success, or even if the material being used is effective.

We have been conducting research among DC opinion leaders since the late 1990s for client with the foresight to “know” rather than guess.  Our quantitative approach has move online, and provides a unique opportunity to benchmark reputations, test messages and material, and track progress over time.  We supplement our polling with focus groups of people involved in the business of public affairs and those with Hill and government experience.

Where does your organization stand in the eyes of the policy influential?  We can help you find out.

Contact us.

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