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Fabrizio Ward works with clients to understand their business objectives. We craft and implement unique research plans to get the answers needed to meet our client's objectives. Our research may include both qualitative and quantitative aspects. And, whether by telephone, online, through the mail or in-person, we have the ability to conduct research among all manner of stakeholder groups, from Main Street to the C-Suite.

We have conducted research on all six continents and have the flexibility to work with the most appropriate research partner in any country to meet the needs of our clients.


Savvy companies take stock of their reputations as they employ programs to protect and enhance this key corporate asset. We work with clients to identify key stakeholders and plan the core metrics of their reputation. A consistent reputation measurement program has proven to be a valuable tool to senior management in evaluating progress and ROI on various company communications and initiatives.
All organizations can have issues that impede the mission, be it in business or non-profit sectors. Many issues you can see coming. Engage our counsel, along with your communications experts, ahead of time. Let us chart the issue terrain and plan a course that successfully navigates the way forward. And when a crisis comes out of nowhere, use research to quickly measure stakeholder reactions to ensure the response is proportional to the problem, and on target.

Our research has played a role in many aspects of public policy advocacy, from developing messages, planning communication and lobbying strategy, to producing surveys for public release to influence and/or inform a debate. From public policy opinion elites to voters, our research is designed to give our clients the advantage whether in the media or in front of policy makers.

Fabrizio Ward employs the latest best-practices in conducting our research (such as including cell phones in our telephone sampling frame where possible). We have reknowned experience creating custom survey research for a variety of strategic and tactical purposes for domestic and international clientele. From tried-and-true solutions to cutting edge methodologies, our research solutions are formulated to fit our clients' budgets, objectives, and delivery platforms.

Public Release
Message Testing
Scenario Testing
Targeting Persuadables
Customer/Member Satisfaction
Donor Surveys
Landline & Cell Phone interviewing
In-person interviewing used in developing countries (PAPI & CAPI)
On-Line Surveys - multiple sample providers
Focus Groups and audience response measurement (dials)
Depth Interviews
On-Line Bulletin Boards
Social Media Research
B2B Interviews
Recruited Executive Interviews

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