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Fabrizio Ward has the experience, the commitment, and the competitive pricing that demanding clients have come to expect. We deliver value and benefit. And we do it fast.

Our clients keep coming back because they have come to rely not just on our research, but our insights. From the political trenches, to the board room to advising heads of state, we've been around the block and can assess situations with some perspective. Is the sky really falling, or that just a crack in the ceiling? Can we really improve our reputation if this is our budget? Will our vocal defense of our position just draw more attention to a bad situation? Our advice draws on our research, our clients' unique situations and our experience. Ask us how we can put our experience to work for you.


There's a saying in the information business, "Garbage In, Garbage Out." It certainly holds true for research. There is a right and wrong way to approach every manner of research. We make sure the design of our clients' research hits the mark before anyone is ever interviewed. Sampling, interviewer training, questionnaire design, analysis - we make sure each critical step of the research process is sound and tailored to meet the study objectives. We are unafraid to make bold recommendations to our clients because we have confidence in our own data.
Many of our clients have relied on our research and counsel for years. That's because we immerse ourselves in our clients' business and work hand-in-hand with their internal and external teams. Asking questions, doing our homework, and developing a 360 degree view of our clients world is standard operating procedure. Before any research is conducted, we will know exactly where it fits in the larger plan of meeting the objectives.

Our roots are political polling where the action is intense and fast-paced. When quick-turnaround is required, FW delivers.

We will work with clients to design research that achieves objectives and stays within budget constraints. We encourage prospective clients to include FW in their RFP solicitations so that we may demonstrate our competitive pricing.
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